Bingo Makes Everything a Little Better

Topics: Manitoba, Winnipeg, Emergencies and Disasters in Canada, Indigenous Communities
Michelle Palansky | April 28, 2021

SWB responder Shannon Skogstad calling the numbers for the COVID Bingo.

COVID-19 has made for a challenging year for everyone. It is particularly challenging for the occupants of the isolation site in Winnipeg. They are members of First Nations who must leave their home communities to isolate because they have tested positive for COVID-19 or have come into close contact with someone who has the virus, and they do not have access to isolation facilities in their community.
They are far from home and confined to a hotel room for 14 days. Receiving regular outdoor breaks is not the same as roaming vast forests and pristine lakes.
The Canadian Red Cross Safety and Wellbeing team does what they can to make the isolation stay as pleasant as possible. They try to fill special food requests. During the holidays they send out baskets of goodies and games. They offer movie nights and trivia nights. And now they are running Friday night BINGO!
The most popular of the weekly events, Bingo is offered over Zoom and winners receive a variety of prizes including Red Cross blankets.
Left to right: Tolulope Adejumo and Ronald McLeod       Left to right: Mathias Fiddler and Tolulope Adejumo

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