A Volunteer for All Seasons

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Michelle Palansky | January 01, 2020

An early morning fire erupted at a Winnipeg West End apartment building. It was Boxing Day, Dec. 26, 2019.

Fire engulfed the building, leaving 42 residents in need of lodging. Canadian Red Cross volunteers were there to help.

Eight volunteers abandoned their holiday celebrations to make sure that those affected by the fire had emergency lodging, food and clothing, personal services, and transportation.

One of those volunteers was Bob Chochinov, who has 40 years experience working with the Red Cross.

“I believe we were having a family dinner and were finishing at the time of the call,” recalled Bob. “The response was quite large and continued into the next day as more people came forward.”

For Bob, his wife Shelley, and his daughter Manya, volunteering for the Red Cross is a family affair. The call to respond can come at any time.

“We have made ourselves available at holiday time, many times, usually as a family unit. As a fire victim myself, I understand somewhat how the families must feel,” Bob said.

No matter the time of day, or day of the year, our volunteers are there to provide personal disaster assistance in the first 72 hours after an emergency, like a house fire. Learn more about volunteering for the Red Cross at redcross.ca/volunteer.
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