Maternal, Newborn and Child Health in Pakistan


Total population (2012):

Probability of dying under five years, per 1,000 live births (2012): 86

Maternal Mortality Ratio, per 100,000 live births (2011):


Following the influx in funds of 2010 and through the generous contributions of Canadians, the Canadian Red Cross is supporting the Pakistan Red Crescent Society in the implementation of a program to reduce mortality, morbidity, injuries and psychological and physical impacts from diseases, disasters and public health emergencies. The program includes a pilot in violence prevention in Swat, with priority given to women and children in Swat and Battagram districts.

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The Pakistan Red Cross is working with communities and relevant government ministries to:

  • Support curative and preventative health services that centre on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) including antenatal and post-natal care, vaccinations and health and hygiene promotion.
  • Recruit volunteers to implement services and to deliver information on health to communities.
  • Train volunteers and community members on Community-Based Health and First Aid (CBHFA).
  • Strengthen the Pakistan Red Crescent Society target branches coordination and linkages with District Departments of Health.

Expected Results

Through the implementation of the project, it is expected that:

  • Capacity of the Pakistan Red Crescent Society staff at district branches, health care providers within the local health system and community members' ability to work together to reduce public health risks and restore vulnerable communities access to basic health care is strengthened.
  • Community-level knowledge on how to prevent leading causes of mortality and morbidity among women and children is improved.
  • Health service-use by community members is improved and increased.
  • Barriers to access to health services are reduced.
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