Since the onset of the Syria Crisis, close to 4 million people have fled the violence in Syria to find refuge in neighbouring countries including Lebanon, where 1.2 million have found refuge.

The Lebanese Red Cross, with support from the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, is responding to alleviate suffering and provide life-saving support for Syrians in Lebanon as part of the broader regional response.

The Lebanese Red Cross is providing relief and medical assistance through medicine, ambulances and psychosocial support. Urgent cases of wounded Syrians continue to cross into Lebanon and many of these individuals are transported by Lebanese Red Cross emergency services to hospitals in North Lebanon. The Palestine Red Crescent Society in Lebanon also continues to provide vital health services for Syrian-Palestinian refugees arriving to host communities and Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.

In partnership with the Government of Canada, the Canadian Red Cross provided six ambulances to the Lebanese Red Cross and covered the costs of one mobile health clinic.

As the humanitarian needs in Syria and the region become more acute, the Canadian Red Cross is committed to supporting the ongoing Red Cross Red Crescent operations that assist in alleviating suffering in such a complex and challenging environment.  

Please give generously

Money raised will go to support the work of the Red Cross in Syria and the region in responding to the growing emergency life-saving needs.  Canadians wishing to support Red Cross/Red Crescent relief efforts in Syria are encouraged to make a financial donation to the Syria Crisis Fund