Jamaica is an island country in the Caribbean region. This country of almost 2.8 million people is prone to a growing frequency of natural disasters including landslides, hurricanes, floods, droughts and earthquakes. Population growth, uncontrolled urbanization, poverty, violence and high levels of inequality combine to increase the overall risks facing the country. An estimated 17 percent of the population live in poverty.

Jamaican Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross has partnered with the Jamaican Red Cross as part of the Capacity Building for Emergency Response in Americas (CERA) initiative, made possible through the support of the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada. Since 2014, this five-year initiative strengthens the emergency response capacity of partner Red Cross National Societies in the Americas, enabling them to be better prepared for, respond to, and recover from crisis situations and lead humanitarian response efforts.

Efforts through the CERA initiative include development of systems and policies, emergency management preparedness, contingency planning, logistics systems for equipment and supplies, as well as specialized training for staff and volunteers.

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