The ERU Team: Recruitment & Training

Manitoba nurse Dianne Hyra-Kuzenko and Quebec Dr. Sebastien Lynch in helicopter en route to Dhunche village to set up Red Cross Emergency Field Hospital. Photo: Aapo Huhta / Finish Red Cross

The success of an ERU deployment relies on the quality, flexibility, and skills of its aid workers. Those delegates are highly qualified and often hold regular positions within their field of expertise.

In addition to their skills, Red Cross delegates receive extensive training that prepares them to respond to emergencies around the world.
The Red Cross maintains a roster of 300 Canadian professionals, including:
• Doctors (GPs, ER, Peds, OBGYN)
• Surgeons
• Anaesthesiologists
• Midwives
• Nurses (ER, L&D, Med/Surg, Paediatric, OR)
• X-ray and Laboratory Technicians
• Medical Logisticians
• Social Services
• Public Health professionals
• Public Affairs professionals
• Administrators (Finance, Human Resources, Supply Chain Management)
• Technicians (Electrical, Water and Sanitation, Shelter, General Trades)

Learn more about becoming a Canadian Red Cross ERU delegate. If you are interested in becoming a Red Cross International Aid worker, you can submit your application online

Firefighter Sean Freeman in uniform

I helped provide 4.6 million litres of clean water in Nepal.

The highlight of my mission was seeing people living their lives probably like they did before the earthquake. Seeing the rebuilding. Banking and financing is available to rebuild. Any time a disaster like this happens in a country – going from disaster recovery to recovery – it’s good to see the next phase!

Sean Freeman, Technician deployed to Nepal Earthquake response


Canadian Red Cross aid worker holding a baby outdoors

Today was one of a kind – the kind of day I used to imagine when I dreamed of doing humanitarian work. Thanks to our unstoppable drivers, our Red Cross mobile clinic team was able to reach Cap à Fou, an isolated village which, due to impassable roads, had received absolutely no help since Hurricane Matthew over six weeks ago. My emotions ran the gamut – from incredible sadness at the devastation, to joy at seeing the relief on faces of worried mothers as their sick children got the help for which they had been desperately waiting, and then to pride in my team of gutsy doctors, nurses, drivers and volunteers from Canada, France and Haiti. This is a day that will stay with me forever.

Tamara Bournival, Medical Technician deployed to Haiti for Hurricane Matthew response 


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