Domestic Operations

When you join the Canadian Red Cross, you are joining the world’s largest humanitarian network. Our in-community workers and professionals respond to emergencies both domestically and internationally. They also work alongside partner National Societies on development projects.

The Canadian Red Cross team is made up of thousands of employees and volunteers, from coast to coast, who positively impact lives in Canada and internationally. Our humanitarian mission connects us to people and communities across Canada and around the world.

In domestic operations, we deploy people to help in any domestic crisis where humanitarian aid is needed such as pandemics, refugee crises, extreme power outages, emergencies and disasters such as floods, wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, heat waves, landslides, tornadoes and winter storms.

We are looking for all types of in-community workers such as Emergency Care Workers, Site Managers and Health professionals. We offer two types of contracts in Domestic Operations: Term and Rapid Responder (casual). A term contract guarantees full-time employment for the duration of the contract, and you must be available for the full period. A Rapid Responder contract allows you to work when requested by the Canadian Red Cross. In times of low activity, it does not guarantee work hours. You must be available for four consecutive weeks a year for this contract type.

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