Ready Rating - Emergency preparedness for organizations and businesses

A Canadian Red Cross emergency responder and a man survey flood damage.

Ready Rating is a free, web-based emergency preparedness planning program that helps organizations become better prepared to respond effectively and recover quickly from disasters and other emergencies.

To learn more or to become a Ready Rating member, visit:

Ready Rating can be used by anyone but is geared towards:
  • Small to medium-sized businesses
  • Schools and educational institutions
  • Community organizations (including faith-based and cultural organizations, non-profits, social enterprises, etc.)
Ready Rating members have access to tools, resources, and information developed by emergency preparedness experts and aligned to industry standards, to assess and improve their ability to withstand emergencies.
Ready Rating is now being offered in Alberta and British Columbia and will be rolled out Canada-wide in 2024.
To learn more or to become a Ready Rating member, visit:
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