Community Support Services

A wide range of community support services are offered by the Red Cross throughout Canada to provide daily supports to older adults, vulnerable people, and their caregivers.  We support our clients as they strive to maintain their quality of life and independence, and when possible support their active participation in society.

Some of the services available include:

Nutrition Support

Access to proper nutrition is the cornerstone of good health, so we strive to make nutrition support available in the form of meal programs; Meals on Wheels where the meal is brought to the client; congregate dining where clients can dine together; or even via a mobile food bank.  Our programs not only provide access to nutritious meals, but in some cases also provide a safety check, health status monitoring and social interaction.

Social Inclusion

We recognize how important it is for those who struggle to live independently with dignity while also maintaining a connection to their community.  We offer a number of programs which support social inclusion for older adults including volunteer visiting, recreation programming, and adult day programs.

Assisted Living in Supportive Housing and Attendant Outreach

Our Assisted Living services are a cost effective alternative for people with complex needs who, with the right level of support, can remain living in their own homes.  These supports are important to seniors and people with disabilities to enable them to live independently, as well as reduce the need for facility care and emergency services. Our supportive care solutions can be designed to support clients who live at home, in a congregate setting, in the community where care is clustered, or in a support housing complex.


To live independently requires support and reassurance to our clients that this can be done with all of their safety needs being addressed. To meet these needs we have a variety of programs, which are as simple as volunteer security checks, to in home safety audits or even registering clients on a vulnerable persons registry and assisting clients in the design of their own emergency preparedness plans.


Transportation is critical to preventing isolation, and enables access to other health and social services.  Our transportation solutions aim to meet the unique transportation needs of each local community.  Our service keeps people connected in their community by providing affordable transportation to social gatherings, escorts to medical appointments or even for a shopping excursion.  With a combination of cars, to mid-sized vans, or accessible vehicles, we have the transportation service delivery and coordination expertise to meet your community’s transportation needs.

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