HELP Volunteers

Our volunteers give from the heart, love what they do and get so much in return!

Are you mechanically inclined?  Join our team of volunteer technicians:

Gary Peters volunteer technicianGary Peters
After being in the work force for some 40 years, I retired and was looking for a good place to volunteer and give back to the community. The Red Cross HELP Program fit the bill.
I have always been a Mr, Fix-it, so fixing medical equipment was right up my alley. Working with volunteers is the best, they are happy, optimistic and caring people who are just fun to work with. I would heartily recommend volunteering at the Red Cross.

Cody Crick volunteer technician
Cody Crick
As someone who has had family members benefit from the program on several occasions, I know first hand how valuable and under acknowledged the Red Cross Health Equipment Loan Program is for communities across the country.  The ability to move with the program to different communities has allowed me to stick with this rewarding and worthwhile volunteer opportunity while my life and career progress and, in the end, seeing the smile and sense of relief on peoples faces when they realise they aren’t alone on their road to recovery makes every minute with the Red Cross worthwhile!

Do you like to clean?  Join our team of volunteer equipment washers:

Art Brown volunteer equipment washerArt Brown
I have been volunteering with the HELP program for a number of years how.  I was in Red Cross returning some borrowed equipment that my father in law had been using after some surgery and noticed their sign looking for volunteers for HELP.  Being retired, I thought that this was a volunteer position I could get involved in and enjoy. Ironically, a year after I started I needed to borrow some equipment when I had a knee replacement (twice).  I have enjoyed volunteering with Red Cross as the folks here – paid and volunteer – are a great bunch to spend time with.  The HELP program is an essential program for the every day necessities of life after a fall, broken bone, surgery and, as I found out, during a forest fire evacuation.  The Prince George Red Cross HELP program was very busy during the terrible fires two summers ago. I was in awe as I saw how much this program provided for evacuees. It is a good feeling to see your volunteer work really being  meaningful for so many people.

Babs Andrews,  volunteer equipment washer​Babs Andrews
Volunteering is good.  Helping people is great. It’s a win-win.

Are you a people person? Join our team of client service volunteers:

Sonia Kandola client service volunteerSonia Kandola
Volunteering at the Canadian Red Cross has not only been a gratifying experience that allows me to give back to the community but, it has also been an amazing learning experience! Each shift I get to interact with incredible staff members and clients that have the most interesting stories to share- they never fail to put a smile on my face. However, the best part of volunteering at the Canadian Red Cross is experiencing the appreciation clients have towards the volunteers and the programs offered.


Shauna RustadShauna Rustad volunteer
Working at the Red Cross gives me the opportunity to give back to my community and help lots of people in the process. I think it’s a great service that we provide and I really enjoy the positive, upbeat atmosphere in the office. 

We appreciate our volunteers, they truly are an integral part of the Red Cross team!!

How are our volunteers supported?

We have dedicated support staff to provide comprehensive training and ongoing mentorship.  All equipment is inspected by a fully trained technician before being made available for loan to a client.

Come and chat with us!  We would love the opportunity to show you around our facility, introduce you to our team and answer your questions about the positions, the requirements and the time commitment.

To set up an in person meeting, please email us at: and we will be in touch to set up a time.
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