Ray Hopkins

Sitting down with Ray in his comfortable living room, he told me how his relationship with Red Cross developed. Like so many he began his journey as a Junior Red Crosser, where he thoroughly enjoyed the variety of activities that were offered.

In 1972 Red Cross and Ray crossed paths again, who at the time was a Manager with Bank of Montreal. At the time the St. John’s branch was in need of a new Board Treasurer, a role that had historically been occupied by a Bank Manager. Looking back fondly, Ray reminisces about being approached to take on the role, “I said to myself, what am I getting into here? Well, I agreed to fill the position and over the next 11 or so years I remained on the board filling a variety of positions”.

From the mid-1980s into the new millennium, Ray’s dedication to the Red Cross continued as he held the role of President and Gift Planning Chair.  The endless hours Ray has donated over the years have made a big difference and some may view his contribution as daunting. However Ray never views it that way, as he says "...I truly believe in the cause of the Canadian Red Cross”. 

It is this belief that made leaving a Gift in Will a natural choice for him.
“If you consider the organization's history and all that it done to help mankind, Red Cross truly deserves your support .”

After saying my good-byes to Ray and his wife Ada, as I was getting in my car I thought, here is a man who long retired as CEO of the Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union, has been involved with the Red Cross since he was eighteen. That is one heck of a volunteer.