F. Millar Ewing

Millar Ewing has led an interesting life, going to work part time after classes and Saturdays while in high school, arranging customs clearances for a local firm even before Newfoundland joined Confederation. After graduating from school he worked in that company's parts department (1946-1950).The next four years was spent with another local  firm, Steers Limited in their equipment division, followed by another four years at Colonial Cordage.
But Millar was destined for another career change, an important one to an organization that he would be tied to for life.

In 1958 he saw an advertisement for the position of Canadian Red Cross Commissioner for Newfoundland, and thinking it would be an interesting place to work, applied. He wasn't successful, but the position went to a friend of his, L.M “Lal” Parsons, which turned out to be a blessing. Parsons promptly asked Millar to take on the role of developing new branches, as well as working and assisting existing ones .Millar says with a smile “but the position was short-lived, actually only a few months. About then the provincial government asked the Red Cross to take over the blood service.  and to expand it to collect, process, and deliver blood and blood products to all the hospitals in the province. I became the Business Administrator of Blood Transfusion Service, reporting to Red Cross National Office and Newfoundland Division Office. That was an interesting job. Then in 1962 “Lal” Parsons resigned and I was appointed Commissioner of the Newfoundland Division of Red Cross and remained in that capacity until 1966. I resigned that year to accept an appointment with Memorial University of Newfoundland, holding a number of senior positions until I finally retired in 1993.

Now with time to think, I felt I would like to give back to organizations that had given so much to me, and the Canadian Red Cross is definitely one such an organization. In 1994, I joined the Legacy Circle Club and then set up a Gift of Insurance that has since tripled in value, and will be eventually divided between my choice of charities.

I encourage everyone to consider the Red Cross Legacy Club. Imagine for a moment you have lost everything due to a disaster; where would you be without the Red Cross?” I asked him what he does now to keep busy. He stood up and pointed out the beautiful view he has  from his back deck of Mundy Pond and it's walking trails “Well you know I still have an interest in what's going on with the Red Cross, but now it's time for me, my gardening, flowers and vegetables, woodworking, and my model trains”.

Well deserved time for you Millar.