Monthly Donations to the Canadian Red Cross

You can make an ongoing impact in the lives of others

Monthly giving is the backbone of the Canadian Red Cross and it supports all aspects of the work we do each day.

Disasters are unpredictable. That means preparedness is key. The Red Cross must be ready to mobilize at the first sign of an emergency.

Your monthly support ensures we are ready.

When you become a monthly donor, you're helping us respond to a disaster every 3 hours within Canada. Monthly donors also help us keep our trained staff and supplies prepared for deployment anywhere around the world within 72 hours.

Six reasons to become a monthly Canadian Red Cross donor:

  • Join thousands of other compassionate Canadians in our community of monthly giving
  • Feel good knowing you’re are making an ongoing impact
  • Budget your financial impact by giving 12 smaller gifts a year versus one larger one
  • Preauthorized monthly payments are easy and convenient
  • You can upgrade, change, or cancel your monthly gift at any time
  • Monthly donors receive a consolidated tax receipt

Your monthly gift can provide:


Essentials such as Comfort Kits, Emergency Clothing and Warm Blankets to Canadians in need. Or critical recovery items such as Jerry Cans for clean water, Mosquito Nets, or Tarps to someone in another part of the world.


A Clean Up Kit or a daily supply of Groceries for a family of four in Canada. Or a full Family Shelter Kit or multiple Family Hygiene Kits following a global disaster.


An Emergency Cot for a Canadian forced to spend a night in a shelter. Or a Surgical Set to perform a major surgery on someone in a remote international area.

I trust the money I'm giving is going to all the right places when I donate to the Canadian Red Cross. They have a strong presence internationally and they are well integrated in communities around the world.

Sarah D., Monthly Donor from Ontario

You’re joining thousands of other Canadians in our community of monthly giving.

Our growing community of monthly donors is as compassionate and diverse as Canada itself. From coast to coast, our donors are united by their generosity and desire to actively participate in the work that we do. By joining them, you will help us budget for ongoing programs, including volunteer recruitment and training, as well as developing and implementing long-term, large-scale projects.

Monthly donations keep our administrative costs down, our shelves stocked, and our hearts filled with hope. Your impact when you give monthly cannot be overstated.

Don't wait for the next disaster. Today, you can help us be ready for anything. Become a Monthly Donor Now

Become a Monthly Donor Today

Join the nearly 100,000 Canadians who already give monthly to the Red Cross.