Face-to-Face Fundraising

Since 2004, the Canadian Red Cross has been conducting face-to-face campaigns to gain new monthly supporters to the society.

Face-to-face canvassing, whether it is on the street, in shopping malls,  business to business or door-to-door, is a cost-effective way for the Red Cross to reach a demographic we have not reached through other campaigns. Face-to-face canvassers are able to have personal conversations about our programs and about the benefits of monthly giving with thousands of people in all parts of the country.

: Canadian Red Cross Street Fundraisers

Face-to-Face Campaigns

Our door-to-door fundraisers knock on doors all across Canada. Each fundraiser talks daily to hundreds of people about the work of the Canadian Red Cross and invites them to support our work with a monthly gift.

Canadian Red Cross Door to Door fundraiser

How Do I Know if a Fundraiser is Legitimate?

Red Cross fundraisers wear a prominently displayed name tag and have a good knowledge about the Canadian Red Cross programs. Fundraisers often wear a vest, a coat or a golf shirt identified with the Red Cross logo and will also carry material on our programs. In some parts of the country, canvassers carry electronic tablets to collect information electronically.

Our canvassers are committed to recruiting supporters who wish to support the Canadian Red Cross through a monthly donation. However, door-to-door canvassers can in some occasions accept single donations. Canvassers are not allowed to accept bills or coins.

During the sign-up process for monthly donations, you will either receive a phone call from the Canadian Red Cross Face to Face team's contact centre to verify your details or the Fundraiser will dial in directly to the verification center. Please note those numbers below.