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Volunteer has seen the Red Cross grow in Manitoba

After volunteering with the Canadian Red Cross for 25 years, Carole Campbell has seen the organization grow in Manitoba and says she has grown with it.

Turning prep time into rescue time

It was an ordinary Tuesday for middle school teacher Deborah, but in a matter of seconds that all changed. By chance, Deborah was walking by the lunch room where Mike, a colleague, had been eating lunch. The pizza that he was eating had become lodged in his throat and Deborah quickly recognized that he was choking.

Lights! Cameras! Pink!

The 2015 Canadian Red Cross Day of Pink on April 8th reached across the entire province of Manitoba with more than 335 schools and workplaces joining in on the celebrations.

How to save a life in four minutes

Last August, James Boshart saved a life. It happened unexpectedly while he was out at a garage sale in Clinton, Ontario with his brother. One minute he was focused on finding a diamond in the rough, the next he was performing CPR.

Making music in Mozambique: Canadian Red Cross Young Humanitarian of the year

After high school, many graduates head off to college or take a gap year to travel. Jack Bennet, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, dared to do something different. What he accomplished earned him a Canadian Red Cross Young Humanitarian of the year award.

Sometimes it takes a team to save a life

April 13, 2014, will forever mark a memorable practice for the Abreast with FORTitude dragon boat team. The team, made up of breast cancer survivors, were midway through a practice when their coach and steersperson heard a man cry for help from the fast-flowing waters of the Fraser River in British Columbia. They quickly jumped to action and paddled fiercely upstream for over 500 metres to reach the man in time. When they were close enough, they threw their extra PFD and a life bag to him and towed him to the safety of a nearby dock. 

Quick thinking saves a life and leads to a Rescuer Award

The quick thinking and heroism Jared Nieboer displayed on a crisp Saturday morning in October was recently recognized by the Canadian Red Cross.  The Alberta man was presented with a Red Cross Rescuer Award last month for the actions he took to save a man from a car accident.

Volunteer Spotlight: Fifty years of volunteering keeps Florence Barron fit

For Canadian Red Cross volunteer Florence Barron, 76, running and swimming keep her physically healthy while giving her free time to volunteering keeps her mentally healthy. Florence has been volunteering for the past 50 years, recently receiving the Order of the Red Cross.

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