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Sometimes it takes a team to save a life

April 13, 2014, will forever mark a memorable practice for the Abreast with FORTitude dragon boat team. The team, made up of breast cancer survivors, were midway through a practice when their coach and steersperson heard a man cry for help from the fast-flowing waters of the Fraser River in British Columbia. They quickly jumped to action and paddled fiercely upstream for over 500 metres to reach the man in time. When they were close enough, they threw their extra PFD and a life bag to him and towed him to the safety of a nearby dock. 

Quick thinking saves a life and leads to a Rescuer Award

The quick thinking and heroism Jared Nieboer displayed on a crisp Saturday morning in October was recently recognized by the Canadian Red Cross.  The Alberta man was presented with a Red Cross Rescuer Award last month for the actions he took to save a man from a car accident.

Volunteer Spotlight: Fifty years of volunteering keeps Florence Barron fit

For Canadian Red Cross volunteer Florence Barron, 76, running and swimming keep her physically healthy while giving her free time to volunteering keeps her mentally healthy. Florence has been volunteering for the past 50 years, recently receiving the Order of the Red Cross.

A healthy place to shop in more ways than one

Whole Foods grocery stores are a great place to shop if you are focusing on your health. But a team of employees from the Mississauga location took “being healthy” to a whole new level when they saved the life of a co-worker last summer.

They say timing is everything

Last fall, Brian Andrade and his wife, Chantelle Lavallee, took a first aid training course in preparation for the birth of their baby; and it’s a good thing he paid attention. What Brian couldn’t have known at the time was that a month after taking the training, he’d have to use it to save the life of Chantelle when she collapsed 13 days after delivering their baby. Had it not been for Brian’s immediate response, Chantelle would not have survived.

Tech savvy toddler saves mom's life

Their hands are small, but don’t let their size fool you. Kids save lives too, in some cases with the help of technology we use every day. 

Bentley Toone may be just barely out of diapers, but this two-year-olds swift action helped save his mother’s life. 

Recognizing delegates with the Pindoff Award

This past spring, a new award was officially launched by the Canadian Red Cross, in honour of Kroum Pindoff, a compassionate humanitarian and long-time supporter of the work of the Canadian Red Cross around the world. Over the years, Kroum Pin...

Photo of the Day: Three Quinte women receive Rescuer Awards in community ceremony

Last Friday three women from Quinte, Ontario were each awarded Rescuer Awards for their actions that helped save the life of a man found unconscious in the water at Sandbanks Provincial Park. Tracy Markland, her daughter Hanna Vance, and Hanna's ...

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