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Reporting from conflict zones: Tools for journalists

Journalist interviews Red Cross workerJournalists play a critical role in reporting what is happening on the ground during armed conflicts. This puts journalists in a unique and important position when it comes to International Humanitarian Law (IHL), as they witness first-hand what is happening.

In a series of webinars aimed at journalists, the Canadian Red Cross’ Catherine Gribbon and Tracey Begley from the International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, explain the issues faced by journalists when reporting situations of armed conflict, the laws that apply during this time, what is and is not protected by law, and the resources that are available to journalists in the field.

Whether you are a recent grad looking to expand your skills, or someone who wants to deepen your understanding of IHL, these webinars will help to break down this vital information.

You can view the webinars here, and learn more about IHL.

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