By Lisa Banning

The couple who volunteers together, stays together. At least that’s been the case for Peggy and John Pinkerton. Married for 63 years next month, the two worked together in the insurance industry prior to retirement and have been Red Cross Meals on Wheels volunteers for more than two decades.

John became involved through his work with his local Kiwanis Club 26 years ago, and then recruited Peggy to join him and she’s been with the program for the last 20 years.

The two have an obvious passion for their volunteer work. “You can tell it is a service that is needed, and you feel like you are really helping out in some way,” said Peggy.

The two make a great team. “I’ve had some mobility issues lately so I’m the driver and Peggy does all the running around,” said John. The Pinkertons really like “their route” in Etobicoke. In fact, they like their route so much that when they owned a cottage up north, they came home every week throughout the summers to fulfill their volunteer obligations.
John and Peggy Pinkerton
Meals on Wheels is an integral service for seniors wanting to remain living independently at home. In addition to providing a nutritious meal, it also allows for a wellness check and some friendly conversation.

“We have our little chats,” said Peggy. “For some people, it’s the only social contact they have when we come to bring them their lunch.”

Marlene Smith, coordinator for Meals on Wheels in Etobicoke said, “Peggy and John are a shining example of a couple who have committed many years to each other and to Canadian Red Cross.”

Life for the Pinkertons has been full of adventure, travel, family and giving back through volunteering. It would seem they may have the key to a happy life.

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