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No matter the day or the hour, Red Cross is ready to help

Elizabeth Hendrick sits at her desk with volunteers.There’s a team of nine Canadian Red Cross volunteers in Woodstock New Brunswick who work in rotation year-round to make sure that no matter when a disaster or emergency happens there will be help for those impacted – that means 24 hours a day someone is ready to help with urgent needs.

“I’m glad we can be there for people when they need it the most,” said Emergency Management coordinator Elizabeth Hendrick (pictured right) who oversees the work of Red Cross volunteers in Fredericton and western New Brunswick. “Seeing people smile after going through one of their worst days is such a surreal feeling.”  

In the four years that Dale Paterson has been volunteering with the Woodstock team, he’s responded to a range of emergencies but one day stands out.

Canadian Red Cross volunteer Dale Paterson“I received the call on the 24th of December for eight people impacted by an apartment fire,” reflects Paterson, pictured left. “A day where many spend inside with loved ones, these people escaped with their lives, leaving all their possessions and Christmas presents behind.”  

Red Cross volunteers met with all eight, securing them a temporary place to stay and making sure they had all essentials, as they typically do, but this meant much more.

“One young lady crying and in pyjamas met with us, baby in her arms. She had no possessions, no clothes but she had her baby. After speaking with us she smiled, hugged us and said thank you,” said Paterson.

“The holiday season gives you reason to reflect on all you have and need,” adds Paterson, “and while these people had suffered a huge loss that day, they were just happy that all their fellow residents were safe.”

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