Post from Conrad Sauvé, President and CEO of the Canadian Red Cross 

​Did you know that the Red Cross responds to an average of one disaster every three hours in Canada? Our support network extends further than you might think.
Red Cross connects people in many different ways. Across the country and around the world, our staff and volunteers provide the connection between disaster and relief, from local food banks to first responders to temporary shelters. They also connect communities to support each day.
Take for example Jesse, who saved his mother’s life thanks to Yelena’s first aid training. Little did they know, Yelena had also trained Ronda years earlier.
Or when Tammy’s family house burned down, Red Cross volunteer Camille and her team helped them find hope.
Former Red Crosser Pam Heavy Head developed programs to empower youth on the Blood Reserve in Alberta. She inspired Guy Day chief to join the Red Cross and start an anti-bullying program, who in return motivated Payton Tailfeather to become a youth facilitator.
Every day, our efforts create hundreds of life-changing connections like these. I’m proud to be part of the equation.  

You can be part of the equation in many ways, such as volunteering with us, donating where it is needed the most or signing up for a first aid or water safety courses.