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Photo of the Day: Red Cross continues to provide life and livelihood-saving support to drought-affected communities in southern Ethiopia

One of the greatest risks for the people affected by drought in this region is the loss of their livestock; their livelihoods. In this picture, Betel Tesfaye, from the Animal Health team of the local Livestock and Fisheries Bureau, administers multivitamin injections to protect the livelihoods of local farmers.

With financial support from the Canadian Red Cross, in November, Betel, her colleagues and Red Cross teams reached 8,898 animals (616 households) with veterinary treatment including multivitamins, antibiotics and anti-worm medicine. During the most acute period of drought, the Red Cross also provided concentrated feed to 3,333 of the most vulnerable animals.

Canadians can help those impacted by donating to the Africa Drought Appeal
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