Solar power means a brighter future for healthcare

Imagine relying on candlelight to be able to deliver heathcare. In remote parts of Liberia’s Bomi county, this has been the reality for healthcare workers - and is one of the examples that Sayba Tamba, Secretary General of the Liberian Red Cross Society when she said, “the state of health facilities in Bomi demands immediate intervention if we are to save lives.” 
Bomi is one of the most populated areas in Liberia. The county’s infrastructure has been damaged during periods of conflict, this includes health clinics. Following the end of the conflict, the Liberian Red Cross has been working with partners to fill the gaps in the country’s healthcare system. 
The Canadian Red Cross, with support from the Government of Canada, is one of the partner societies who are working with the Liberian Red Cross to help support the installation of solar-powered lights at 13 clinics across the region. 
The installation of these solar-powered lights will help provide adequate lighting at these facilities, without having to rely on the availability of electricity. 
These lights are part of how the Red Cross is working with Liberia’s ministry of health to improve the quality of healthcare as well as and streghten the healthcare system. The ministry of health is also providing solar power to run refrigeration systems, which is vital to the effective storage of vaccines and medicine. 

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