Conquering a confusing world

Guest post by Dianna Van Horn

For those who can’t hear what’s going on around them – or who hear only muffled, jumbled sounds, the world can be a confusing or even unfriendly place. And when that comes on top of the stress and uncertainty of being evacuated from your home, things can be even worse.
That’s the situation some Fort McMurray residents found themselves in after losing or leaving behind the hearing aids that help make life better. But with the help of two local companies, sounds around them are now more clear.
Hearing Aid Practitioner Amanda McLeod recently met with two evacuees to fit them for new hearing aids. McLeod and her company, Living Sounds, donated her time and Starkley Canada donated hearing aids for two Fort McMurray evacuees.
“Once I was able to meet some of the evacuees, said McLeod, “it became overwhelmingly clear the challenges that lie ahead and I felt privileged to be able to help make a difference with the resources made available to me thanks to Living Sounds and Starkey.”
The connection between Living Sounds and the evacuees came through Red Cross outreach workers, Wayne Dailey and Elaine Caswell, who contacted Living Sounds to see if they could help.
“Everyone is pitching in in Alberta,” said Tim Goshulak, a co-owner of Living Sounds. “So we wanted to help, too.” They’re helping by donating the exams and fittings and helping people file insurance or warranty claims or, if they don’t have insurance, investigating other possibilities.
Both companies are wholly involved – helping to make the world a less confusing place for those who need their help.
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