Tech Talk: New app aims to help refugees arriving in Canada

Many of us use various smartphone apps that help make our days more social, more efficient and a lot more fun. But did you know there’s a new app to help refugees feel more at home in their new communities? An app developed by the Netherlands Red Cross is helping refugees who are coming to Canada. The Refugee Buddy App helps supply refugees with practical information and is available in English, French and Arabic.

The Refugee Buddy App provides additional help to the support being offered by the Canadian Red Cross, by sharing information like traffic and transport, first aid courses and other information about their new home. The app also provides refugees with relevant news during the first period of their arrival. While the app was developed by the Netherlands Red Cross, Canada-specific details have been included for refugees who are arriving in Canada.  

Smartphones are of vital importance to many refugees during their journey and upon arrival to another country. They allow people to keep in touch with their family across the world, through apps like Facebook and WhatsApp. We hope that the Refugee Buddy App will be another tool for refugees by providing them with the essential resources they need.

The Refugee Buddy App is available in the Google Play store

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