Future Face of Humanity

Last week, a group of incredibly talented individuals gathered in Ottawa to attend a week-long Red Cross training session known as IMPACT, short for International Mobilization and Preparation for ACTion. This training includes team building exercises and mock scenarios, all which prepare aid workers to be deployed to the field.

The profiles of participants were endless – doctors, anesthetists, logistics officers, midwives, operations managers, water and sanitation technicians, and many more. For many of these participants, having the opportunity to work with the Red Cross is a dream come true.

The future Face of HumanityLike Lauren Shandley, a medical radiation technologist from Vancouver. Lauren applied for the training, with the goal of becoming part of the Canadian Red Cross Emergency Response Unit (ERU) team. Once Lauren is fully trained, it will be the first time the Canadian Red Cross field hospital will have X-Ray capabilities.

“I am very excited to be a part of the implementation process and being able to deliver this service in this capacity. Radiology can complement almost all segments of medicine and I am grateful the Red Cross is recognizing and embracing this,” says Lauren.

Lauren has a background in medical imaging and global public health. Working with the Red Cross in such a setting allows her to join both disciplines and utilize both skill sets.

“Being part of one of the largest and longest standing humanitarian organizations is such an honor. My passion in delivering healthcare to those most in need and breaking down barriers of access are strongly aligned with the work that the Red Cross has been doing since its inception. I respect and am deeply motivated by the organizations long history and ability to provide impartial and neutral health care to the most marginalized groups, in some of the most challenging situations,” she added.

Lauren is no stranger to the humanitarian field.  In 2014, she spent a semester completing an internship in Kolkata, India. There she worked with an organization that provided education, empowerment and employment to those who were vulnerable to, as well as victims, of human trafficking.
The same passion and dedication Lauren has to helping those in need, was represented by everyone who attended the training.

“I think above all I absolutely loved being surrounded by such a diverse group from different backgrounds with a shared goal. The dynamics of interactions between each member and the synergy we created as a group was really inspiring and motivating. I look forward to our future endeavors together.”

In May, Lauren will have the opportunity to meet with some of the participants again at the Emergency Response Unit Training.  Lauren, we look forward to hearing about your experiences with the team again!

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