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Musician Elly Thorn supports and welcomes refugees with song

Canadian singer-songwriter Elly Thorn was inspired to write “You Didn’t Even Know Me” when she and her husband were travelling and, although their surroundings were foreign to them, she was struck by how extremely welcoming their hosts were. Now Elly is using her song to help welcome Syrian refugees to their new home in Canada – with proceeds from the song going to the Canadian Red Cross.

When asked why this cause was close to Elly’s heart she explained, “My in-laws were born and raised in Lebanon and currently have family residing in Syria. As an artist, I write from my own heart and many of my own experiences, so when the idea was brought to me that this song I created could relate to the situation in Syria, I was so excited to be a part of it and help any way I could.”

Until December 31, donations are being matched by Karim and Dora Nasser, up to $100,000. Karim said, “We understand the struggles these refugees are leaving behind and the challenges yet to come. Supporting them through this song is simply inviting everyone to share in helping...”

Just like her hosts when she was travelling, Elly feels like Canadians are welcoming to newcomers, “I believe that Canadians are opening their hearts, minds and their homes,” she said. “Canada is such a beautiful country and coast-to-coast we are filled with love...Canadians are really stepping up and showing what we are made of.”

Visit Elly’s website to download “You Didn’t Even Know Me” and support the Canadian Red Cross’ work with Syrian refugees. 
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