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Red Cross volunteer affected by Hurricane Matthew works to help the most vulnerable

Micheline Lagrenade has been volunteering at the Haitian Red Cross branch in the town of Jeremie for the past 24 years. Looking at her, it’s hard to believe she’s 50 years old.

“I started in 1992 when I was trained in first aid,” says Micheline. “But I have done everything here, receptionist, cleaning, logistics.”

Micheline is a single mother of four who up until recently was living in a house in a coastal neighbourhood of Jeremie. Her home was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew, and she’s been staying with her four children at a friend’s house.

“My colleague gave me four Red Cross shirts to wear, and my friend gave me a pair of shoes. Other than that I have nothing left.”

Despite this, Micheline shows up to volunteer her time at the Red Cross branch every day.

“People ask me why I do this because I don’t get paid, they say I should stay home,” says Micheline. “I say no, I love the Red Cross, and the office won’t run if I’m not here.”

Micheline doesn’t know how she’s going to be able to repair her house. She would also like to move from the neighbourhood she lives in, but she doesn’t have the means.

Since the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies has come in to support the Haitian Red Cross, Micheline has been involved in the logistics of making relief distributions happen.

“Logistics is my favourite thing I’ve done at the Red Cross because I like working hard and helping people,” says Micheline

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