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Photo of the day: a little hope in Syria

Guest post by Elizabeth Smith, guest blogger for the Canadian Red Cross

Canadian Red Crosser and SARC volunteer share a moment of hope

Photo courtesy: Ibrahim Malla/IFRC

While on a planning mission in May this year, Maya Helwani (left), regional representative for the Middle East and North Africa for the Canadian Red Cross, along with a volunteer from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), were in Homs, Syria.  Astonishingly, they found a small white flower growing amongst the rubble, and they shared a moment of hopefulness together.
The city, completely destroyed after more than four years of conflict, is slowly experiencing the return of some families who are trying to repair their homes. SARC is providing shelter kits, other forms of relief, and water and sanitation services to them.

Read more about Red Cross efforts in Syria here.

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