Syria crisis collaboration: Canadian Red Cross welcomes Secretary General of Homs Branch from SARC

Dr. Al-Atassi and his wife Samar Al-Atassi, Breanne England and Stéphane Michaud from the Canadian Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross has had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Moataz Al-Atassi, Secretary General of Homs Branch from the Syrian Arab Red Cresent (SARC), during his visit to Canada. For two days, Dr. Atassi met with the Canadian Red Cross to discuss the Syria crisis and explained the reality faced by SARC staff and volunteers to provide humanitarian assistance in Syria.

SARC is a key partner of the Canadian Red Cross and the Homs Branch has been a key player in delivering food, supplies and health care to vulnerable population and returned families in the largest governorate in Syria. Since the crisis started some five years ago, half of the city of Homs was destroyed, including its hospitals, and half of the population fled, forced to take refuge in neighbouring countries.

The SARC Homs Branch actively provides food parcels, hygiene kits, vaccinations, and rehabilitation services to vulnerable population and returned families. The branch also opened an intensive care section in the Homs hospital and recently distributed over 1,500 Ramadan breakfasts, in coordination with charitable societies, to 9,000 displaced people in the city of Hasya. In May, the Branch also opened a medical point in Al-Huson area that provides health services to families that returned to their homes.

Providing assistance in such difficult circumstances comes at great risk, and some 51 Red Cross colleagues have lost their lives while responding to humanitarian needs in Syria. Despite the challenges,
Dr. Atassi remains committed to alleviate suffering and the Canadian Red Cross continues to support SARC in their response to this crisis.

To learn more about our work in Syria, click here.

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