Searching for the unknown - International Day of the Disappeared

Often times we forget how lucky we are to go home at the end of a long day and be greeted by our wonderful, loving families. Or the fact that our moms are just a phone call away when we’re in need of advice or just want to chat.  

Imagine being separated from a family member – whether it’s days, months, or years, and having absolutely no idea where they are, or if they’re even alive?

Disappearances are a reality. They happen during war, when people migrate, when disasters strike, and they happen for different reasons.

August 30 marks International Day of the Disappeared – a day to remember those who have suffered  from the traumatic experience of a disappeared  family member and to provide help and hope for those still searching.
The following video shares the stories  of three families and the struggles they face to receive credible information on the fate of their missing loved ones.

The Canadian Red Cross Restoring Family Links program helps people in Canada  re-establish contact with immediate family members after separation. Whether the separation from your loved one happened many decades ago or more recently, the Canadian Red Cross may be able to help. If you’re in Canada and looking for a family member, find out how we can help you by visiting our website

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