Photo of the Day: Red Cross opens Ebola treatment centre

This week, the Red Cross (IFRC) opened its first Ebola treatment centre in Kenema, Sierra Leone, a district hard-hit by the outbreak. The centre can house up to 60 patients when at full capacity. The centre has so far admitted 5 patients, including an 11-year-old girl.

The centre is currently staffed by 80 workers from Sierra Leone and 19 international Red Cross personnel, including Canadian aid workers. These numbers will increase as the operation expands.

Photo credit: Kathy Mueller / IFRC

This photo taken by Canadian Kathy Mueller illustrates the safety precautions taken by the workers in the Ebola treatment centre, including wearing personal protection gear to avoid becoming infected with the deadly Ebola virus. 

Photo credit: Kathy Mueller / IFRC

In addition, Red Cross volunteers in several countries across West Africa are continuing efforts to increase awareness in local communities by explaining the dangers of the Ebola virus and how to minimize risks. More than 3,500 Red Cross volunteers are involved in these efforts. 

Photo credit: Victor Lacken / IFRC  

Canadians can support Red Cross efforts by donating to the West Africa Ebola Fund. 

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