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Food Friday: Bake Sale Success

This week the Red Cross in Ontario hosted a bake sale fundraiser to help the Red Cross social committee plan team building events or activities. The communications team was responsible for baking up some goodies to sell and did an impressive job! There was homemade bread (which sold before it actually hit the table), rice krispie squares, cupcakes, chocolate chip muffins, even cornbread muffins. We had a little help from our social media friends too who over-indulged us with cookies and banana bread.

Here’s a (mouth-watering) glimpse of what we were up to. Happy Friday!

These toffee shortbread cookies by our social media friend Paual Costa (@dragonskitchen) were divine!

This delicious chocolate banana bread was dropped off by another social media friend, Hana Fikree (@Tazzie_D)


Cookies in  bags ready to be sold!


All the Red Cross bake sale goodies

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