Tech savvy toddler saves mom's life

Guest entry by Shauna Quinn, communications intern

Their hands are small, but don’t let their size fool you. Kids save lives too, in some cases with the help of technology we use every day. 

Bentley Toone may be just barely out of diapers, but this two-year-old's swift action helped save his mother’s life. As reported by media, the tech savvy toddler sprung into action, using the video chat service FaceTime to contact a family friend when his mom was attacked by the family’s foster dog. Not only did he call for help, but tended to his mom’s injuries by bringing her a dish towel, waited for emergency responders and let them into the home.

The Canadian Red Cross has given the Rescuer Award to numerous youth over the years, including Brandon Mitchell (10) who saved his sister when she fell through the ice, Connor McCarthy (11) who saved his mother from choking and Keana Jeffrey (7) who saved her two-year-old cousin from drowning in an inflatable pool at a family gathering.

And then there was five-year-old Savannah Hensley, who’s widely publicized phone call to 9-1-1 saved her father back in 2010 when he suffered chest pains and was experiencing difficulty breathing.

Using the latest technology to teach children what to do in times of emergency can save lives, perhaps even your own. Now it's even easier with the Red Cross First Aid App, available for Apple and Android mobile devices. Youth can also learn life saving skills as part of the Red Cross babysitting course.

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