Tech Talk: Radio a source of hope at the Blackie shelter

Guest post by Lindsay Vogan, Communications volunteer deployed in Alberta

High River is one of the hardest hit by the Alberta floods. With so many evacuated, where do all of displaced residents go? Some are lucky enough to have friends and family nearby to stay with; others were able to escape with their RV or camper. But for some, refuge in shelters in nearby Blackie and Nanton is their only choice.

I spent the day Friday at the Blackie shelter- the temporary new home for more than 100 adults and kids. Run by the Community of Blackie, the shelter is stocked with clothing, diapers, food and other essential necessities that might help making this experience a little more comforting.

Blackie Shelter Radio

The situation in High River on Friday was still unknown, but an update would be broadcast that afternoon. With only an older boom box to tune into, residents of the shelter crammed beside each other to listen carefully to the status of their homes, their lives.

Blackie Shelter- listening to updates

It’s amazing how powerful a single radio can be. As soon as the announcement began, absolute silence fell over the 60 plus people standing near. For some, the news was good as they would be able to return to their homes starting Saturday, but for others, the wait would continue at the Blackie shelter.  It was only a radio; an old boom box. But in that instance, it was a simple source of hope and truth for people returning back to their homes and their daily lives in High River.

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