May long weekend + good weather = more boating!

The results are in!

Red Cross National Lifejacket Day is coming on Thursday, just in time for the first long weekend of the summer season.  RedCrossTalk launched a poll on Twitter to find out whether you are putting on your life jacket.

We’ll soon post the final results, but already, we think they are a good indication of our overall habits when it comes to life jackets and water safety: The majority of us reportedly wear our life jackets “sometimes.”

Do you take your jacket off when the boat stops? Do you take it off because you are moving slowly? Do you take it off because you think you are a strong swimmer? Maybe you’ve heard these excuses:  “it’s too nice out” or “I’m close to shore.”

Consider this: Every year, almost 200 Canadians drown while boating. Of these, nearly 90 per cent, are not wearing a lifejacket, or do not have it properly secured. Already, there’s been news in Ontario about drowning deaths. Sadly, one 65-year-old drowned near Sauble Beach after he became separated from his floatation device in high waves.

Stats show that strong swimming skills are not enough.  Many people who find themselves in trouble, never intended to end up in the water at all!  Turn your “Sometimes” into an “Always”.

Can’t afford to buy a life jacket? Enter this contest and you can win one!

Any more excuses?!

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