It’s getting hot in here!

With news today that  temperatures are going to continue to hover around the 30 degree mark at least for another day or two, we thought to share with you some tidbits on how our Red Cross sister societies are beating the heat.

We understand it’s been a bit cool and soggy for our friends in Oregon, but it looks like they're ready for the heat with this helpful checklist of tips on how to prepare for a heat wave.

The heat is definitely on in Nebraska where Red Cross is giving families in Omaha free fans for their homes

Meanwhile, our sister society in Korea is having a completely opposite experience. Red Cross staff and volunteers there are delivering charcoal bricks to help people in need heat their homes. They've already delivered 10,000 bricks of charcoal.

In Toronto, we're handing out free water to our most vulnerable citizens, including seniors and homeless people. Red Cross is also staffing a hotline where people can get tips and info on how to stay cool.

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