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Blogging from Haiti

* Red Crosser Sophie Chavanel (@sophiechavanel) is currently in Haiti working to help prepare for Tropical Storm Tomas. She has posted these photos and this blog to help keep Canadians aware of what is happening in Haiti.





In Haiti, we are closely watching the path of Tropical Storm Tomas, which poses a direct threat to Haiti.

We know that storm paths can change quickly, but even if there is not a direct hit, I have seen from previous storms that the heavy rain and strong wind can cause incredible damage in this country.

Right now, the entire Red Cross team is working around the clock to get ready to respond to the storm. At the same time, Red Crossers continue to manage the ongoing cholera outbreak and build shelters for Haiti's most vulnerable people.

Last minutes preparations for the storm are ongoing. Yesterday, I followed volunteers going into camps to inform people that Tomas is coming. We encourage them to go to higher ground and find safe shelter with families and friends. It was in one of these camps that I experienced one of the most powerful moments for a Red Crosser: a young girl was reading Red Cross disaster preparedness messages to her friend who could not read. You can see her in the photo.

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