Red Cross responds as COVID-19 cases surge in India

Topics: National, Emergencies and Disasters Worldwide
Red Cross Canada | April 28, 2021

A woman wearing a medical mask sits surrounded by Indian Red Cross Society boxes. Right now, India is facing a crisis. As COVID-19 cases continue to surge, the effects of the pandemic are being felt across the country, and the need for assistance is vast – especially for the most vulnerable. The sharp increase in cases has put immense pressure on India's healthcare system; hospitals are overcrowded, supplies are quickly dwindling, and the situation has quickly turned critical.
The Indian Red Cross Society is working tirelessly to respond to the complications created by this ongoing pandemic, and the Canadian Red Cross is offering support to deliver assistance to communities affected or at risk of being affected. Already, the Indian Red Cross Society has reached over 2.6 million people. With your support, we can help reach even more.
The needs are enormous, and diverse; currently, we are assisting in the distribution of COVID-19 prevention information, providing hygiene items and food packages, and supporting ambulance and transportation services. We are supporting quarantine centres, psychosocial services, and blood transfusion centres. As the situation in India continues to evolve, your support can help the Red Cross reach more people in desperate need during these trying times and alleviate the incredible burden being placed upon the Indian healthcare system.