This holiday, vulnerable people need your help – send a Red Cross Survival Kit

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November 22, 2019


The holiday season can be a great blend of cozying up at home and heading to festive gatherings with friends and family. But for those who are surviving a disaster, the season ahead may be all about securing urgent essentials, like food, warmth and medicine.  

You can provide essential items to vulnerable people who need help now – send a Canadian Red Cross Survival Kit to people in Canada and abroad. Check out the Canadian Red Cross Holiday Gift Shop to deliver hope, comfort and dignity, just in time for the season of giving. 

The most important gift on your holiday shopping list 

Whether your holiday shopping list sends you trekking through malls or tracking packages online, it’s easy to forget that the holidays are about giving back. From now until December 25, the Canadian Red Cross Holiday Gift Shop is the best way to give back. 

Find a gift that truly helps vulnerable people 

The Canadian Red Cross holiday shop is stocked with care and hope for people surviving a disaster. The items are simple but significant, from warm blankets and groceries to life-saving medicine. Each item is designed to make someone’s life easier; to give them the care, dignity and hope they deserve. When the full set of items are combined, they make a comprehensive Survival Kit that will be delivered wherever it’s needed most. 

Check out our gift items or build a full Survival Kit at

Grocery Pack, $30: Nutritious groceries keep a family healthy and hopeful following an emergency or a disaster. 

Disaster Relief Pack, $50: Emergency clothing and food are crucial to a family's recovery from a crisis. 

Warm Blankets, $20: When given a warm blanket, vulnerable individuals feel comfort, warmth and a sense of security. 

Women's Hygiene Pack, $25: Essential hygiene items help women maintain dignity and health during a disaster. 

Newborn & Child Health Pack, $15: Give a child the best chance at survival with baby basics and medicines to prevent disease. 

Food and Water Relief, $60: Nutritious food and clean water gives a family of five a lifeline for an entire month. 

Every item in the Holiday Gift Shop is symbolic of the generosity we see on display from compassionate Canadians like you. Combine all six gifts to build a full Survival Kit that will help vulnerable people across the world.