Ontario students use Red Cross training to prevent bullying and abuse

Topics: Ontario, Violence, Bullying and Abuse Prevention
March 30, 2015

Ontario Students One school in Ancaster, Ont., has taken training from the Canadian Red Cross Beyond the Hurt program to start a school group focused on bullying prevention practices. Beyond the Hurt is part of RespectED, a Canadian Red Cross program that aims to create safe environments free of violence – including abuse, bullying, and exploitation – through prevention, education and response.
The Titans for Titans, from Bishop Tonnas Catholic Secondary School, is implementing workshops from the Beyond the Hurt program to define peer-to-peer generated community standards that lead to a safe, healthy and supportive school community.
“Specifically our focus has been on bullying and empowering the bystander,” said Rene White of Bishop Tonnas Catholic Secondary School. “We continue to work with a data-driven model to hear an authentic student voice and to evaluate our impact.  A four-year, longitudinal full school survey shows a distinct decrease in students being, engaging in, and observing incidences involving bullying, at rates of 8 per cent, 9.4 per cent and 19.1 per cent respectively, since the development of the group and practice of the skills gained with the RespectED - Beyond the Hurt training.”
The Titans for Titans’ efforts have been noticed and recently won the YMCA Peace medal for 2014-2015 (Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford) and the CEFO Carthy Award.
“I can safely say that our group has been successful in its mandate and has the data to assess this success, and these successes continue to be indicators of the value of the RespectED program,” added Rene. “I see this as a true community partnership and continue to value any opportunity we can assist each other.”
Beyond the Hurt is based on the belief that all youth — those targeted, those who bully, and bystanders — have a critical role in preventing bullying. The Canadian Red Cross’ Beyond the Hurt program supports a school or organization-wide approach to preventing bullying and building empathy and respect.

Photo: Bishop Tonnas Catholic Secondary School
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