Alberta Flood Permit Grant Program extended through 2015

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January 05, 2015

Janet Boyd - Building Program

Photo credit: J. Keith Howie

It's a Christmas present Janet Boyd has been waiting for. The Calgary senior’s home, is finally rebuilt 18 months after the Alberta floods destroyed it. A permit grant program jointly funded by the Canadian Red Cross and The City of Calgary helped Boyd complete her Mission-area home’s rebuild.

Boyd, 81, left her home with only a suitcase when the flood waters came in June 2013. 

Her son, Peter, said she lost "a lifetime of memorabilia, pictures, and family mementos” when the water destroyed her ground floor condo unit. The condo, which represents a valuable asset for the senior on a limited income, has undergone a complete rebuild.

Boyd’s son says his mother will always be grateful to The City and Red Cross for the support offered through the Flood Permit Grant Program. The initiative launched May 1, 2014, covers the costs of new city permits for such things as building, electrical and plumbing work when repairing or rebuilding properties damaged by the 2013 flood.

Janet Boyd - Building program

Photo credit: J. Keith Howie

Boyd’s son called the program “a good experience in a bad circumstance.” Being able to access the joint permit grant program was a huge help. In addition to saving the cost of the permits, Boyd was able to access permits without waiting. “I don’t know how much time that saved us,” says Peter. “Even if it was an hour, it helped.”

Now that the condo is done, Boyd, who currently lives in a nearby seniors’ residence, is debating whether she will move back into her home or eventually sell it. Regardless of what happens, Boyd is grateful for the flood permit grant program.

The program has been extended through to December 2015 to help those Calgarians who are still trying to rebuild and recover from the flood. Calgarians interested in applying for the permit program can contact the Red Cross at 1-866-696-6484. The Red Cross will work with applicants to discuss and assess their needs. 

Read the Alberta Floods One Year Progess report.

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