A model of perserverance

Topics: Quebec
July 15, 2015

Geneviève Boulanger and her husband had barely finished unpacking the last few boxes when their house was destroyed on the night of July 6, 2013. They had bought an ancestral home near the lake the previous summer. After a year of renovations, they had finally achieved their dream of owning a house a stone’s throw away from the downtown area, a dream that was quickly shattered. Geneviève is a translator and worked from home, as did her husband. As a result, they not only lost their home but also their livelihoods. In a matter of hours, they had nothing left. All of their documents, appliances, furniture, clothing, and memories had gone up in flames.
That next year was a rough one. Geneviève and her husband moved five times and began taking the necessary steps to rebuild their home. They started a self-construction project so that they could build a home at a minimal cost. A number of steps had to be taken and hurdles overcome for the project to take shape. The patience and perseverance demonstrated by Geneviève and her husband are about to be rewarded, since their construction permit is due to arrive in a few days and will enable them to begin building their home. "The project is a form a therapy for us. We want to see this through and bring some life back into that little part of town," Geneviève said.
After the tragedy, the Red Cross first responded with emergency aid, providing the family with their basic needs until they were able to get back on their feet. Geneviève would like to thank the volunteer team that welcomed them each time they visited. "The Red Cross is a serious, meticulous organization and we are very happy with their involvement and support," she said. The greatest impact of the Red Cross assistance will be the support provided for rebuilding their home, scheduled for this fall.
They should be able to move into their new home next spring, but Geneviève knows that the project is far from finished: "We'll have to start by buying everything again, from furniture to appliances, because we're currently living in a furnished home." Geneviève hopes that within a few years, they will have finished the project and established a stable routine so they can finally step back and breathe. One thing is certain: with their perserverance, they are likely to accomplish just that and do it with flying colours.

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