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Red Cross continues to support those affected by Balkan Floods

May 22, 2014 - Unprecedented rainfall in Europe has left thousands in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina evacuated from their homes or without power.

Red Cross supports response in Serbia and Bosnia during catastrophic floods

May 21, 2014 -

The Canadian Red Cross is now accepting donations to help those affected by the worst flooding in more than a century in Serbia and Bosnia. To date, tens of thousands have been evacuated from their homes and thousands are still waiting to be rescued.

Voice from the field: Delivering Maternal, Newborn & Child Health education in Pakistan

May 09, 2014 - Every day, thousands of women celebrate one of life’s most amazing experiences — becoming a mother. Comprehensive Maternal, Newborn and Child Health programs are giving mothers in Pakistan the chance to celebrate that experience.

Typhoon Haiyan: Six months on

May 07, 2014 - Six months after Typhoon Haiyan made landfall, the Red Cross continues support affected communities. 


Elastoplast teams up with Canadian Red Cross to triple match donations

May 06, 2014 - This month, the Canadian Red Cross welcomes an exciting triple match campaign from its committed partner Elastoplast, experts in wound care.

Canadian Red Cross

Emergency Preparedness Week 2014

May 02, 2014 - Emergency Preparedness Week, May 4-10, is a time for the Canadian Red Cross to remind everyone to be ready in the event of emergencies and disasters.

Flood Permit Grant Program launched May 1

May 02, 2014 - The Canadian Red Cross and the City of Calgary are working together on Flood Permit Grant Program to assist residential property owners still facing financial challenges repairing, restoring or rebuilding their homes after the June 2013 floods. 

Treaty Hockey Tournament Recognizes, Celebrates, and Builds on Resiliency

April 30, 2014 - In her colourful Siksika Nation hockey jersey with “Hockey Mama” across the back, Karia Red Gun runs a “loud and proud” family cheering section.

Taking preventive action to stop the Ebola outbreak in West Africa

April 22, 2014 - Ebola continues to claim lives in West Africa. As of April11, Guinea had counted close to 160 suspected cases with 104 deaths. The virus which surfaced in rural Guinea and then spread to Conakry, the capital, has now also reached neighbouring Liberia, where five cases have been confirmed.

Preventing workplace bullying: Five ways a proactive approach can benefit companies

April 16, 2014 - A proactive approach that empowers managers and staff to recognize and prevent bullying, harassment and discrimination in the workplace can actually pay dividends. Employers who understand this can win the war for talent and also increase productivity and profitability.

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