Take a course in violence, bullying and abuse prevention with the Canadian Red Cross

Topics: Violence, Bullying and Abuse Prevention
January 10, 2014

Take a course in violence, bullying and abuse prevention with the Canadian Red Cross

The best way to help stop violence, bullying and abuse is through education. But before you reach out to your students, children or co-workers, it's important to educate yourself. The Canadian Red Cross, one of the largest non-profit organizations in the country, can help.

Violence, bullying and abuse can take many forms. This kind of negative and harmful behavior exists in a broad range of environments, from the school playground to the workplace or even online. The Canadian Red Cross provides an equally broad range of programs and courses, each tailored to address violence, bullying and abuse wherever it occurs.

Through violence and abuse prevention programs, the Canadian Red Cross offers online and classroom courses for schools and organizations.

Educational opportunities
Courses are designed specifically for different age groups. Be Safe! provides easy-to-use learning resources ideal for young kids between the ages of five and nine. This program allows teachers and professionals to broach sensitive topics like sexual abuse in an appropriate way.

Courses for older youth are also available such as Beyond the Hurt, which aims to prevent bullying and harassment in schools, organizations and communities.. Healthy Youth addresses the prevention of relationship violence among teens. And the It's Not Your Fault program spreads important messages about preventing child abuse and neglect.

Variations on these same courses exist for teachers and other professionals who want to expand their own knowledge. And the Respect In Schools program is designed to give adults the tools they need to build safer school environments through the promotion of respect for all.

There are also programs for parents or employers interested in professional development opportunities:

Ten Steps to Creating Safe Environments is a process to ensure safety for all those involved in a school, workplace or organization. Walking the Prevention Circle educates adults living or working with First Nation or Inuit communities about preventing violence, especially creating safety for children and youth.  Respect in the Workplace provides all employees with a good foundation for ensuring safe and respectful workplaces, free of violence, bullying and abuse.

Most courses are only two to three hours, which makes them accessible for a range of individuals. And the information, advice and tactics that you learn will become essential tools, applicable in schools, at home or in the workplace.

Consider enrolling today in a Canadian Red Cross program and help put an end to violence, bullying and abuse. You can also donate online or at your local Canadian Red Cross office.

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