Ready to respond

Topics: Asia, Emergencies and Disasters Worldwide, Our Impact on the Ground
November 18, 2014

Sebastien Jouffroy Aid worker Sebastien Jouffroy was sent to help run the Canadian Red Cross field hospital after Typhoon Haiyan hit. Inside the white tents, Red Cross staff provided life-saving treatment to patients.
“After seeing firsthand the devastation the typhoon had caused, I could only hope that calm would soon be restored to the country,” Sebastien recalled.  
A year on, Sebastien finds himself back in the Philippines. He is part of the Canadian team training local staff and volunteers in disaster preparedness and response. The results will be felt the next time an earthquake or typhoon hits.           
“The Philippine Red Cross will be able to deploy a field hospital and deliver emergency health care just hours after a disaster,” Sebastien said. 
Thanks to your support, the Philippines is better prepared for the future. In a country often hit by natural disasters, this is a life-saving difference.  
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