HBC Foundation to match Canadian donations supporting response to West Africa Ebola outbreak

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October 13, 2014

A young boy smiles as Red Cross volunteers behind him talk to locals in Monrovia, Liberia about the dangers presented by the Ebola outbreak.

Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) Foundation will match donations made at redcross.ca/hbcmatch until October 31. The match of up to $50,000 intends to provide much needed funds to support the emergency response efforts and encourage Canadian donors to answer the call for donations needed to combat the deadly Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa.
Red Cross volunteers and staff are dedicated to providing access to medical assistance for those affected by the fast-spreading Ebola virus, and have opened a treatment centre and mobilized aid workers specializing in health and disaster relief to the region.

From within their own communities, local Red Cross volunteers are working with elders and community and religious leaders to engage people and families in a meaningful discussions to address stigma, dispel rumours or cultural misperceptions of the disease, bury bodies safely and respectfully and highlight the importance of seeking early treatment.

More funds are urgently needed to provide critical support to people and families in desperate need of life-saving assistance, protective equipment and securing specially trained personnel.

This is the first time an outbreak of this size is being experienced in West Africa across many countries, including Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The ongoing situation is having a major impact on health services and infrastructure, as most countries do not have prior experience with the disease.

All donations made will go to supporting the Red Cross response and helping the families and communities affected by this outbreak.

Only donations made at redcross.ca/hbcmatch will be matched by HBC Foundation. You can donate to help ensure that Red Cross staff and volunteers can continue supporting local communities in the face of this deadly Ebola virus outbreak.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make an even larger impact with your donation by having HBC Foundation match your gift at redcross.ca/hbcmatch.

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