Emergency field hospital handed over to Philippine Red Cross

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March 03, 2014

More than three months after many communities in the Philippines were devastated by Typhoon Haiyan, the Canadian Red Cross has concluded its emergency health response, handing over the field hospital deployed in November 2013 to the Philippine Red Cross.

The Canadian emergency field hospital, first deployed to support the badly damaged public hospital in the city of Ormoc, admitted 1,226 patients, performed 114 surgeries and supported 418 deliveries while in operation. In addition, field hospital staff provided psychosocial services to more than 3,800 children and adults, while also providing training and workshops to some 230 teachers and volunteers on violence prevention, stress management, and safety and security.

On February 28, the Canadian Red Cross concluded its training with staff and volunteers from the Philippine Red Cross, and handed over the field hospital, which includes refurbished equipment from the emergency response unit and locally procured medical and technical supplies. This contribution will allow the Philippine Red Cross to provide basic health care to a community of 30,000 people in the event of a future emergency.

"The initial support we've provided to the communities affected by the typhoon was in the emergency phase and the hospital was a major part of our response. The Canadian Red Cross is now committed to providing support in the recovery phase in the form of shelters, and support for livelihoods. We are also providing training to colleagues of the Philippine Red Cross, so they can maintain and manage the field hospital," said Jose Garcia-Lozano, director, Strategic Partnerships with the Canadian Red Cross. 

In addition to the handover of the hospital equipment and training on its deployment, the Canadian Red Cross has committed to support the Philippine Red Cross with ongoing training and operational support as needed, to ensure it has the capacity to deploy the hospital to provide urgent care in future emergencies. 

The international Red Cross has been on the ground providing urgently needed relief and support since the typhoon struck, providing more than 320,000 households with immediate shelter assistance, and reaching more than 100,000 people with health and hygiene programs. The Canadian Red Cross will continue to support the Philippine Red Cross and affected communities as they work to recover from this disaster.

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