Become a Canadian Red Cross disaster volunteer

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January 30, 2014

Become a Canadian Red Cross disaster volunteer

Over the course of its more than 100-year history, the Canadian Red Cross has relied on countless volunteers to help bring aid and relief to those affected by emergencies and disasters in Canada and around the world. The non-profit organization also depends on these devoted workers to help with the everyday work of providing community assistance or teaching first aid and CPR.

What does it mean to be a Canadian Red Cross volunteer? You'll join one of the largest charity organizations in the country, and become part of a worldwide family of humanitarian aid providers. You'll give back to your community while meeting new people and discovering exciting experiences. The Canadian Red Cross is an excellent place to seek out professional development opportunities and to build your skills. Looking for guidance in your educational or professional career path? Volunteering with the Canadian Red Cross might be the right option. Apply now to enlist alongside 25,000 other Canadians who are making a difference each and every day.

Just recently, a team of 17 new volunteers from Saskatchewan completed disaster response training in Prince Albert. At times, responding quickly to emergencies in remote, northern communities can be a challenge. This means that the work these new volunteers will be doing in their home communities is that much more important. They hail from a variety of places in northern Saskatchewan, including Stony Rapids, LaRonge, Cumberland House, Montreal Lake and Prince Albert.

Make a difference, any way you can
Even if you can't volunteer to join the Canadian Red Cross at the moment, that doesn't mean you can't give back to your own community in meaningful ways. Consider taking a first aid and CPR class with the Red Cross, or help spread the word about various emergency funds and donate yourself to the cause. You can even do your part by simply downloading a free app.

Nearly 40 per cent of Canadians say they've been in emergency situations where CPR might have been required, but without proper training they felt unable to help. In an effort to promote not only the importance of CPR as a life-saving skill but the good that each individual can do, the Canadian Red Cross has released its First Aid App.

"Downloading the free Canadian Red Cross First Aid App puts critical knowledge in your hands, and helps Canadians provide life-saving assistance any time, any where," said Don Marentette, national manager of first aid programs.

The app is available for Apple and Android mobile devices. Red Cross supporters can also go to their local Canadian Red Cross office and apply to volunteer or simply donate to the cause.

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