A new livelihood

Topics: Asia, Emergencies and Disasters Worldwide, Our Impact on the Ground
November 18, 2014

Maria Redubla Liporada is just thankful she survived.   
Her community in the Philippines was hit hard by Typhoon Haiyan. Maria and her family were able to evacuate to higher ground to escape flooding caused by the typhoon. When they returned, they found their house and belongings gone and most of their crops destroyed.
It was a very difficult time for Maria, who has two children. Her family had very little to eat.
Fortunately, Maria found out about the work the Red Cross was doing to help people rebuild their lives. After receiving a cash grant from the Red Cross, she was able to start a small bakery. Today, Maria makes rice cakes and sells them in neighbouring villages.
Thanks to your support, thousands of Filipinos like Maria are now back on their feet and full of hope. 
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