Young fundraiser shows her support for the Canadian Red Cross

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February 28, 2013

Young fundraiser shows her support for the Canadian Red Cross

Young people who are passionate about helping others and improving their communities are an essential part of the Canadian Red Cross' efforts on the ground to improve the lives of those in need.

The Canadian Red Cross is one of the country's most active charity organizations and works to provide assistance to people who have been affected by emergencies and disasters, as well as other setbacks.

The innovative vision and desire for social change that so many young people possess influences many of the services that are offered to vulnerable communities and transform the ways in which people view its humanitarian work.

Young people of all ages leave an impact through the Canadian Red Cross, which one girl proved when she became one of its youngest fundraisers!

Emilia's story
Emilia was just six years old when she began asking how she could personally help people affected by emergencies.

After viewing images of the devastation that occurred in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake, she decided to donate all of the money in her bank account to improve the lives of those impacted by the incident. Her mother Michelle, who works at the Royal Bank, matched Emilia's donation to Haiti.

In 2011, when an earthquake and tsunami hit in Japan, Emilia again offered all of the money in her bank account to support disaster relief efforts in the country. Yet later that year, when flooding occurred in Manitoba and fires broke out in Slave Lake, Alberta, Emilia had little money to spare to donate to disaster response services on the ground.

Scooping up the small handful of change she had left in her piggy bank, Emilia offered it to her mother.

"I want to give this to the people with fires and floods," she said.

That's when Michelle and Emilia decided to do more - they reached out to Stefanie Hencheroff at their local Canadian Red Cross office and discussed the idea of putting together a 'change drive' within their community.

Over the course of four weekends, Emilia collected change. By the end of the drive, she raised a total of $318.00.

"It makes me feel good in my heart to help and I know how important it is to help people," explained Emilia.

Show your support
The motivation and passion of young people like Emilia helps the Canadian Red Cross better address the needs of individuals who have been impacted by hardship. By offering assistance during times of need, the Canadian Red Cross works to give people the resources they need to overcome obstacles set in their paths.

With the support of Canadians of all ages, the Canadian Red Cross is able to respond to issues occurring throughout the country and do its part to prevent incidents from happening in the future.

To show your support - and to make a difference in the lives of people who need your help - please donate online or at your local Canadian Red Cross office today. Each contribution goes to benefit people affected by adversity. 

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